Dev Kumar
A born engineer, Dev Kumar began tinkering at a young age. As a high school student, he placed 6th in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search out of 3,000 entries.

Dev later graduated with honors from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), with an Honors BS in Engineering and Applied Science. As an undergraduate, he was the champion of the Caltech Engineering Design Contest.

After leaving Caltech, Dev moved to the Silicon Valley where he worked as a Transceiver Design Engineer for Finisar Corporation and then as a Principal Baseband Engineer at Tropos Networks.

In China, Dev worked as a Development Manager at Intel's Asia-Pacific Research and Development Center in Shanghai, developing notebook computer designs and standards.

Back in California, Dev spent six years as a manager at Applied Minds, leading programs in a variety of areas such as robotics, product design, alternative energy, spacecraft, and applied research.

Dev combines his theoretical knowledge with a host of practical skills, including electronic debugging and rework, metal and wood shop fabrication, CAD, and information technology.

Dev holds 15 patents in a variety of technical fields, including optics, electronics, and communications. He is also the recipient of the Lightwave OFC Attendees’ Choice Award (2003) for his work with Finisar, and several Intel Division Recognition Awards for his work with mobile computer standards.

Dev is currently an independent technical consultant based out of Burbank, California.

His resume is available here.