who is dev?

February 2000

Cutting an access hole in a smoke duct / instrument sled support. Dev was the foreman for the Caltech Dabney House "Drop Day" party. He led a group of thirty students in building an enclosed dance structure with custom electronic light effects.

February 2000

The finished dance floor with custom laser and LED light effects.

January 2000

Climbing a 18-meter palm tree in order to set up a chain and pulley system using custom climbing equipment.

January 2000

A banner spanning two 18-meter palm trees on the Caltech campus, for a prank in honor of President Bill Clinton's visit to the university.

February 2001

A view of Dev's workbench. The project is a custom laser projector.

July 2001

On top of a rock on Ptarmigan Peak in Alaska.

July 2001

Preparing to unload the sea kayaks before an expedition in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

July 2001

Reeling in a pink salmon in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

August 2001

Improvising a repair to the van's cooling system in British Columbia.

May 2002

Fastening a surplus missile case to a rock. The case is a clue in an elaborate scavenger hunt organized by Dev and his friends.

November 2002

Exploring the reef 30 meters beneath the Coral Sea near the coast of New Guinea.

August 2003

Shooting the Class 4 Vinegar Rapids on the Main Salmon River, Idaho.

June 2003

Camping in a cave on the Oregon coast.

May 2003

Rallying friends for Memorial Day activities.

November 2002

Preparing to deep-fry a turkey and other household items on Thanksgiving.

November 2003

Setting sail in a homemade boat. Dev built the vessel from oil drums, scrap wood, and a tarp and sailed it into the San Francisco Bay.

October 2003

Enjoying a blanket toss during Field Day. Dev organized a full day of field games and competitions for two dozen friends.

May 2007

Steaming towards Aijima Island, off the coast of Shikoku Island, Japan.

May 2007

Crossing a stream in rural Japan.

September 2007

Preparing to photograph the Shanghai International Art Festival for artnet.