March 2014

Built-in bookcases from IKEA parts. See here for more details.

January 2013

A-frame chicken coop. See here for more details.

October 2012

A working fortune-telling machine constructed for a Halloween party. See here for more details and video.

June 2003

Bixby Bridge along Pacific Coast Highway in Carmel, California. This was the site of several puzzles in a scavenger hunt Dev organized.

June 2003

A physical puzzle suspended beneath Bixby Bridge. Attemps to access the contents of these jars could send the crucial contents into the chasm below.

May 2003

An improvised float to mark a submerged clue in the scavenger hunt. The clue was embedded in mud in an estuary for several weeks before being retrieved.

November 2001

A chain bracelet in the "Full Persian" pattern.

December 2000

A chainmail bracelet in the "birdcage" pattern. The bracelet is made of fine silver and each ring is brazed closed for durability.

November 2000

A necklace and pendant, made of fine silver wire, formed into rings and brazed in a woven pattern. The weave patterns are based on historical European and Near Eastern chainmail armor.