CRN October 2007
"2007's Top Innovators"
"Intel is also taking it up a notch with a new innovative mobile motherboard program . . ."
Tropos Datasheet September 2004
Tropos Datasheet
"Best-in-class link budget for superior RF propogation"
Business Wire September 2004
"Tropos Networks Unveils New Mobile..."
"The attractive economics, flexibility, and network mobility that the Tropos 4210 brings . . . were key reasons why we chose Tropos to build the foundation of our city's broadband wireless network."
TMCnet February 2007
"Officers in Las Vegas, NM, Go Wireless..."
"...hands down the most cost-effective and easiest to deploy solution"
Daily Wireless November 2004
"Lompoc Gets Cloud"
"You will be able to drive around town and keep your connection going."
Finisar Product Page July 2003
Finisar Product Page
"Maximum link length of 40 km . . . Cooled 100GHz ITU Grid, C-Band DWDM EML"
Market Wire January 2004
"Finisar to Showcase WDM Solutions..."
"...first in the fiber optic industry to develop 40km XFP optical transceivers..."
Market Wire July 2003
"Finisar Wins OFC 2003 Attendees' Choice Award"
"These industry-first . . . optical transceivers provide the cost and power savings . . . for extended-reach and metropolitan-area DWDM applications."
Caltech On Campus January 2000
"ME72: Scenes from a Brawl"
"...the prestigious gear-shaped trophy went to . . . Dev Kumar and . . . Steve Chung, who drove their machines to an undefeated victory."
Caltech ME72 November 1999
"Contest Highlights"
Science News March 1997
"Top 10 winners in top science contest"
"...Kumar invented an electronic monitor to measure the power efficiency of pagers and similar devices."